Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Quilt! Quilt! Quilt!

 This past weekend some of my friends and I enjoyed
 a two day sewing frenzy.

 This is the quilt I worked on. It is ready to be quilted.

Many little scrap pieces make up the rooster. 
 Steam a Seam 2 was my big buddy.  It will be sold at the Virginia Mennonite Relief Sale the first Saturday in October.

Scrappy Pinwheels is a new e-pattern.  You can order it
 and receive it within 24 hours. Go to
 Delightful Piecing and scroll down to about the bottom of the page.  It is a $4.00 e-pattern.

There are no "Y" seams and you only need to piece 
one triangle that has two pieces. Amazingly Simple!

I am using up more scraps.
I have a big box of 2 1/4" squares of fabric.  It is 
organized by stacks of color.

To get the quilt above I pieced 25 squares of a color 
shading from light to dark from corner to corner.  Then appliqued grey pedals on each block, then sewed the blocks together.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Quilt Cruise to Alaska

  2018 Alaska Quilt Cruise - including Glacier Bay
 Cruising Alaska at the best part of the Alaskan Season
August 4-11, 2018
With Allison Aller, Patt Blair, Barbara Cline, Sujata Shah, Bonnie Sullivan 
Supporting Leukemia Research
The workshop information is here World of Quilts Travel
Here are the classes I will be teaching:

 Under the Sea one day workshop

Just a Square one day workshop 

Magic Add-A-Strip Triangles
Choose from 1 of 4 
 one day workshop
  I hope you will join us
 for a wonderful cruise!

Friday, March 30, 2018

Two new E-Patterns

I am trying to converting a few patterns to e-patterns. 
Here is the website to order them.  You need to
 scroll down through the patterns to find the e-patterns.
4 In 1 Pattern 
This is the technique that is in my latest book Magic Add-A-Strip Quilts
 Pinwheel Pizzazz

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Yearly Family Sewing Retreat

This years sewing retreat was in Mississippi 
at my sister Julia's house.

 Here are a few pictures from the week.
Sister-in-law Cheryl's dog wall quilt.

One of my projects was sewing my second 
Pinwheels quilt for bunk beds.

 Polly working on a quilt for a grandchild.

 Emily showing mother her cow quilt.

 Mother's project was making chenille pot holders.

 A birds eye few of our week.

 One of my projects was a Texas Long Horn.

What fabrics do I choose for the long horn?

Here I am cutting black fabric strips to outline the cow.

 At this point I am not sure it will turn our.  I was discouraged.

 By the end of day two Mr Long Horn was quilted.

Coleen made a wall quilt of dress scraps from her husbands mother.

We truly had a blast.

Back Home Again
This is a very special gift I received at Christmas from my son-in-law. He made this adorable sewing machine for me. You can crank the wheel  and the needle goes up and down. It is so cool.